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A selection of testimonials from new and existing clients.

​“Matt is a great Personal Trainer and knows the right time to push me just that little bit further. He's very encouraging not only during the sessions but whenever we bump into each other at the gym on normal training days also. I'm seeing great results and motivated to carry on. The personal training sessions Matt offers are a key factor in this"

Jose Gonzalez




“I have been enjoying working out with Matt as he is very knowledgeable and professional. The sessions felt adapted to me and what I needed. Finally, he's been able to put up with my constant whining and that's a performance"

Marion Renard




“I have been training with Matt for 1 year & 8 months now. Matt is always there for you when you need help and advice, even when I'm not training with Matt he still gives me that extra push to make sure I get the training done in the gym. Since I have been training with Matt I have dropped two jean sizes and particularly in the last month I have lost 6.2% body fat, my B.M.I has dropped and lost half a stone in weight"

Sarah Baker




“Matt is a dedicated trainer who encourages you to meet your personal goals. He provides a well balanced variety of exercises to increase your motivation. Matt uses multiple progression tactics so you are encouraged to pushing yourself on a regular basis. He is always upbeat and cheery and will go the extra mile to help you achieve your goals"

Leanne & Michelle Leahy




“I have been training with Matt for a while now, and he has worked towards my personal goals of being bulkier than I was at the start of the training. Over the time he has improved my fitness overall and encourages me to push myself to the limit, and I hope he will continue to do so. In the past few weeks he has also given me a diet plan in order to help achieve my goals by eating right. He is a great trainer and I always leave his sessions feeling exhausted and accomplished"

Martin Domville




“My goal was to lose weight, tone up and increase my fitness levels. As a top up to the gym I have been training with Matt twice a month. The sessions are tough but enjoyable and I always come out with a sense of achievement and feel positive about my goals. These sessions help focus on toning up and working different parts of the body. I find alongside the gym & swimming these have dramatically improved my fitness. Matt is full of encouragement both in the session and out, creating a diet plan and sending encouraging text messages! I feel by having the support of Matt and the personal training sessions I will achieve my goals"

Vicky Hume



“I started the training sessions with Matt as I wanted to lose weight and had to get into a bridesmaid dress. Not only did he help me accomplish my goal in a short amount of time, he made it fun at the same time. He was always pushing me to my limits and was always on hand if I ever needed extra motivation. These sessions have been enjoyable and I am so pleased with the results that I intend to carry on to improve my fitness overall"

Michelle Tooke




"I joined the gym knowing that I had to do something about my fitness, I do a sedentary job and did not exercise at all. Matt adapted to any aches and pains I had and also taking into account the issues I had with my back. Each time he could see me slowing down he was right there cheering me on to the next rep. If it hadn't of been for Matt, his expertise, his unlimited enthusiasm and friendly but professional manner, I would not last the sessions. I have found a love for exercise I never thought possible, I attend the gym 5-6 times per week and look forward to my Personal Training sessions with Matt. He is a highly experienced, professional and dedicated Personal Trainer who will answer any queries day or night. I can't wait to book my next set of sessions, I have lost 2.5 stone so far and still going. It's not just the weight loss, but the support and encouragement I receive. My new found energy is boundless"

Siobhan Marting




“After a summer of over eating and lack of exercise, I needed someone to motivate me to get back into shape. Matt has been that person, and has helped me achieve the motivation I needed to reach my target weight loss. Over the past 6 weeks I have lost 8 pounds and around 3 inches off my waist. This has given me the confidence boost I needed to continue training and reach the goals I hope to reach"

Amy Buczkiewicz




"I can highly recommend Matt as a Personal Trainer. He is very knowledgeable, very patient, explains everything very well gives lots of tips about exercise & nutrition along the way. The sessions can be challenging but he is always encouraging and gives praise which helps enormously. He always has a chat and a laugh during sessions but I have felt I have always been the centre of his attention for the session booked"

Meg Jones




"Brilliant!  Amazing!  Worth every penny!  My 14 year old son has been training with Matt now for about 3 months after a troublesome year he wanted to lose weight and build up his fitness. Matt has given him the confidence to work hard and lose weight by tailoring the programme to him and giving him loads of encouragement. He looks forward to his sessions every week and I will definitely be booking more sessions for him"

Sarah Mcmahon




"I have been training with Matt now for a couple of months and have already seen major improvements. Every session Matt plans is different to the last, however it is still focused on what you ultimately want to achieve. Matt recognises my areas for improvement and constantly challenges them through hard, enjoyable sessions. His passion for his job oozes through the training he gives; he is extremely encouraging and always wants the best for his clients. Not only does he take the time to listen to what you want but he will always go the extra mile and dedicate his time to ensure you are motivated and focused to keep chasing your goals"

Susan keet

"When I started training with Matt I was middle aged, heavily overweight and unfit - I was very disillusioned with trying and failing to get fit and lose weight alone. Twelve weeks later I am 18lb lighter and have muscles in places I didn't know I had. Even more amazing Matt has changed my attitude to exercise and the training has made me feel much more positive about my life. Matt's training sessions are varied and fast moving - I did not know there were that many kinds of exercise. The training is never boring as you never know what is coming next. Matt knows how to keep you working hard and how to help you get where you want to be. His manner is friendly & fun but firm. I would have no hesitation in recommending Matt - he is an excellent Personal Trainer"

Carol Murphy

"I have participated in Matt's classes for over six years. He is a great motivator and one of the most approachable trainers I have encountered. He is extremely knowledgeable in the area of sports injuries and is willing to share his knowledge if you have an injury. I have now moved from Oxford and I will defintley miss his classes"

Gabby O'donnell

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