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Group gym classes instructed to the highest standard.


Are you looking for one of the below classes to be held at your place of work, fitness event, party/gathering or at your own gym?

45 min session - £50.00 (Max 30 people)

1 hour session - £60.00 (Max 30 people)


The official Insanity class!

A High Intense body weight HIIT session.


A series of floor based exercises focusing on the abdominals and hip flexors. This will help strengthen your core and define the stomach.


A pad work based boxing class. Pairing up with a partner using the gloves & pads provided. Aiding in weight loss and toning.

vipr vipr.jpg

A weight based fitness class focusing on loaded movement training using an official VIPR™. This will help improve strength & agility.

trx x.jpg

Suspension training using body weight exercises to help develop strength & core stability. Official TRX™ straps are provided.


A very high cardio-vascular cycling based class focusing on fitness and weight loss. This class will always leave you breaking a sweat.


Weight & resistance training in a circuit style routine. Each station will last for 30, 45 or 60 seconds working out the entire body.

battle rope.jpg
           BOOT CAMP

Exercises that are based around a traditional military fitness regime. Focusing on pushing your fitness & strength to the limits.

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