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One on one training sessions tailored to your goals.



Whether it's to lose weight, gain size, increase general fitness, tone, correct posture, rehabilitation from injury or training towards a specific sporting event.



Contact Matt today, taster session's available.



            GROUP TRAINING


Personal Training now available in groups (max 4).



Training with friends, family members or a partner.



Group training session's will make Personal Training more affordable.

Price's from £11.25 per person, per session based on an hourly training session.

            SESSION PRICE'S


30 minute PT session - £25.00


1 hour PT session - £45.00


1 hour group PT session (max 4) - £45.00


12 x 1 hour PT session - £480.00

(Block booking)

1 hour call out PT session - £60.00

(Oxfordshire area)

12 x 1 hour call out PT session - £600.00

(Oxfordshire area)

(Block booking)

1 hour Sports Massage - £55.00

30 minute Sports Massage - £30.00

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